Falling Sudoku

Falling Sudoku: Sudoku game where the pieces are falling down. Control the abcyagame with the arrow keys and drop the blocks down with the spacebar. Follow the sudoku rules to complete a level. 

Falling Sudoku is a puzzle game abcya with inspiration from both the popular game Sudoku and the popular tile-matching puzzle Tetris. As in the well known Sudoku game, the board consists of 9x9 cells in a grid and the objective is to fill all cells with one digit each in the range 1-9 such that each row, column and block (3x3 cells) contains each number from 1 to 9 only once. 

In the Falling Sudoku game you begin with an empty board to then progressively fill it from bottom to top, one digit at a time, in a limited amount of time. The digits are chosen randomly and shown at the top of the Sudoku board for a short while before starting to fall down towards the bottom of the board, stacking the digits on top of each other, until the whole board has been filled or you reach abcya online game over by placing a digit in a column that has already been filled.

When finished the score will be counted. Note that you do not have to create a perfect Sudoku board; your score is based on how close you are to a perfect solution.

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New Feature

1. The tiles fall slower in the end than in the beginning of a game with difficulty levels Easy and Medium, and also for when playing the smaller example game.
2. When starting a new game from the information activity, the user is offered the possibility of changing the difficulty level. The same possibility is given when starting a new game from the easy example game.

Instruction to play:

Use the up, right, left and down arrow keys to move the pieces.