Your friends will fight in the game at and try to survive until the end. You need to keep your power to fight and destroy the enemy with weapons you can use in the game. If you use a bomb, stay away from the location where you placed the bomb to avoid injury. Your energy will decrease gradually each time you are attacked by an enemy. Therefore, be careful to stay away from your enemies and fight against them with the basic skills you learned in this game.

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You can draw experience after each game or when you are injured. Different ways of moving and fighting will make you win. Don't forget to collect all the weapons you need to fight and the ambulance boxes along the way to increase your power in this game. This is an io fighting game that you can hardly miss to save to your favorite game list and join in your free time. We encourage players to choose games similar to this game to participate as Tricksplit .io and Own .io. You will have time to show your fighting skills. Top the list of the best players today.

Instruction to play:

Move the mouse to move, left mouse to use weapons and right mouse to switch weapons