Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie is one of the special cookie games. You spend your free time completing quests and collecting rewards in large numbers. You have 2000 predictions from fortune cookies and over 100 different levels at Join this merge game and finish with big numbers. You also need time to earn money and buy a lot of cookies. Therefore, observe the time to expand your food shop and increase the number of cookies.

You can create cookies with the number 1 or higher numbers depending on each level and the amount of money you have to buy cookies. Check out the different ways to play and win this difficult game. We allow players to discover new journeys every day. Choose your free time to participate and win every mission. You can then monetize the product you've created. This favorite game appeals to all types of players. The cookies combine if they have the same number. With 2 numbers the same, you can make a number 1 order bigger.

Therefore, collect the same numbers and make bigger numbers. However, you need to care about the amount of money you have to complete the game with the new number. Increase the speed until you have a cookie garden. Choose the same numbers to collect and make the right choice for each journey. Players have free time to unlock countless online games today. Share your gameplay with new players and complete quests. With the right gameplay, you have the opportunity to expand the new game world. Create cookie flowers and unlock the online game list.

We suggest skills and tips for players to complete the game world with different favorite themes. Join many new games and give game suggestions so your friends have a chance to complete the challenge too. ABCya free game opens a new colorful game world for players to choose from. Update new levels and win the first plays if you love our game. Many players choose the website to join and pass new missions. Are you ready to join useful games like Roller Coaster and Merge Race 3D 

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the left mouse button to move the cookie to a new position with the same number