Gold Miner Jack

Learn the basics and the art of searching for the location of the gold in Gold Miner Jack - one of the most played games in Jack discovered that there is gold underneath his garden, therefore, with the best tools he can get, Jack starts the task of searching and digging up the gold to get rich.

But it's not an easy task since there are lots of different items and resources underground. You need to come to this Abcya 3 game to become Jack's assistant. Your mission is to control the machine and you have to aim precisely for the gold. Moreover, you should avoid the stones, the trashes and the explosives so as not to waste your time trying to drag them up. The heavier the item, the longer it takes to drag it up to the ground.

Therefore, the players with the most precise aim will be the ones who can gain the most. Bear in mind that not only will there be valuable items, but some levels might also contain dangerous objects which can decrease your scores. For example, the explosives are deadly and they blow up any gold around them at the slightest touch.

Take control of the clock in order to reach the target of each level within the time limit. Abcya onlinehas many more simulation games like Mahjong Classic and Famous Paintings Parodies: Memory Tiles. Come to experience the best games!

Instruction to play:

Click on the screen to drop the rope.