Gun Flipper

The gun will keep moving and you need to help it jump to locations to collect gold coins and use the bullets in a useful way in the Gun Flipper game at The choice of guns depends on the player and there are many types of guns with different uses. For each use you have chosen, players will fire and collect gold coins in the air before the gun falls or you run out of bullets.

The collected gold coins will help you upgrade different types of guns that not all players take time to find and explore. Share this game with online game players around the world to complete your game and become the best player without being bothered by ads or game loading speed. Online game players worldwide have collected the most basic gaming tips and participated in this special game world.

Share with your friends the game at the shooting world ABCya. Each game has different content, however, you can take advantage of the lessons or the gameplay you have completed in previous games to apply to this shooting game. Dexterity and flexible movement can help you in collecting gold coins for the best results in each part.

Surely you will relax with this shooting game and understand all the game space that we suggest for players to explore. Go through the challenges of countless new similar games like Piano Tiles and Lucky Life. You only have one chance and you must win it.

Instruction to play:

 Left-click and collect gold coins before you run out of bullets or falling guns