Hex Blocks Puzzle

Cover the hexagon with hex shapes to solve the puzzle Three grid sizes with endless levels The difficulty increases as you progress Stuck on a level Use hints to help you solve it

Putting the blocks into the puzzle frame is the main idea of many puzzle games. However, the creators of Abcya abcya free games want to bring a new concept to the players. You will experience more challenge, harder puzzles, and mind-blown puzzle shapes. All of these features are available in Hex Blocks Puzzle - a fun puzzle game which shares some similarities to the classic Tetris but has many new features.

In this Abcya game, you must use your intelligence to come up with the way to fit the pieces with the hexagonal shape into a random frame. Each level will have a different number of blocks. Your task is to try to think hard and look at the frame to find out the best method to use the blocks. Let's start off with the easy board which only has a small area to fill. The higher the level, the bigger the frame. The board size increases significantly through the levels and so does the number of shapes. There might be some hard levels in which the players can't come up with a solution.

If that happens, don’t forget to use the light bulb to get some hints. However, there are only five of them, so use them wisely. Conquer the hex blocks puzzle today and train your mind with these super hard puzzles in http://abcya.games! More and more unique games are available for you to play for free like 10x10 Arabic and Slash The Rope

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to move the shapes.