Pixel Road Taxi Depot

Start as a novice taxi driver and develop your business through on the road missions in a variety of traffic and weather conditions. Take passengers quickly and safely to their destinations and build the biggest depot in town.

Play a driving game abcya with pixel graphics as a taxi driver and depot owner! You are going to finish missions, which is to successfully deliver the required number of passengers; the numbers are going to increase in each mission.

Pick and drop of passenger to their destinations. Be there as fast as you can. Bravely drive in a heavy traffic with cars going in both sides of the road. Finish all the missions and collect all the coins. Upgrade your ride for a better driving. Unlock all achievements and beat everyone in the leaderboard on abcya 2!

See the exclamation icon on the screen to know which side the passenger is waiting. Collect money along the road and narrowly avoid cars to earn extra coins. Watch out for the traffics! you don't want to crash your taxi or you have to restart. As you progress, you can unlock new buildings to let you upgrade your taxi and buy new awesome cars. Are you a good taxi driver?

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Instruction to play:

  • W or up arrow to accelerate
  • AD or left/right arrow to move left or right
  • S to brake