Hungry Spider

A small spider survived the apocalypse and the invasion of alien aliens. He carefully hid under the stones, surviving leaves, burrowed into the ground. His relatives, friends and enemies disappeared, it seems that the spider remained the only one of his family. When everything was quieted down, the hero decided to get to the surface, he had long wanted to eat. Having looked around, the spider realized that it was in a pit, and flies were circling above. Help the insect by using cobwebs as ropes, clinging to the walls of the pit to get to the food and refresh yourself. Then there will be strength for further travel, you need to see what the world has turned into after numerous cataclysms and find friends.

Hungry Spider is mini game but it is not easy to high score. As hungry spider you must be catch butterfly to keep life. 
Play Game is very simple. You touch and keep, move on the screen after that touch out to catch butterfly. What challenge, that how to catch butterfly.....

Let try it to get challenge.

Enjoy with

Instruction to play: