Julias Food Truck

Sell ​​various burgers that Julias Food Truck has updated to online players. Help Julia run her little shop. Abcya Games online opens up the newest cooking-themed game world for players to join. Prepare the best sandwiches according to each customer's request. Join the game to collect many ingredients for your cake. Don't forget to collect the gold coins after customers finish eating.

Hungry diners find the food truck to buy food. Each customer approached the food truck and ordered their favorite burger. Julia has very little time to prepare meals. If she can do it quickly, the customers are generous. The number of ingredients for the dish will increase gradually depending on the level you join. Customer lead time is getting shorter and shorter. You have to help our girl prepare the burger in the shortest time. Earn money in this cute game with the selection tips you have. Tap the ingredients to make the burger on the screen.

Become the richest player with successful burgers. Countless players all over the world have conquered this game. Unlock online games in your spare time at https://www.abcya.games/. If you've ever dreamed of a food truck, you can complete the mission in this online game world. Earn a lot of money to conquer the challenges of the game. The world's best burgers appear in your shop. Each cooking game has different special game content. Are you ready to choose and complete multiple challenges? We always facilitate players around the world with the most difficult tasks. Unlock other similar cooking games like Sushi Challenge and Making Homemade Veg Burger. Cook the fastest dishes in the shortest time.

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the left mouse button to choose ingredients for your guests' burgers.