Ketchapp Basketball

When you begin your journey, you will choose new games to participate in your spare time or choose according to your interests and topics that you have set. With the theme of sports, you can join Ketchapp Basketball at today. We bring this game for players all over the world to explore by moving and leading the ball to the basket to achieve the highest score.

With every correct pitch, you will get 2 points. If the ball enters the basket in an imperfect way, you can score a single point. Therefore, try to throw the ball into the basket and break the previous record. You can become the best player with your movement and activity skills. We are constantly updating the latest sports for players all over the world to join in our free time. You will start a new path and show your skills at ABCya online games the best. Which game did you get the highest score for? Surely you will dream of accomplishing your mission excellently and achieving the highest score after each turn. That is to win yourself with the tasks set.

Basketball will lead you to the most exciting sports world. How can you control the direction of the ball and throwing force so that the ball falls into the basket most accurately? This is one of the questions that actual players or online gamers always ask. Please answer this question in our famous online game and become the best player. We also update similar new games with this basketball game such as Foot Shot and Dunk Slam. Enjoy!

Instruction to play:

 Swipe the screen if you play the game on the phone or use the left mouse button and drag until you drop the ball if you play the game on the computer