Kingdom Defense

Will luck come to you in this game? To know that, please quickly join this game Kingdom Defense at abcya hot games to perform a fierce battle. This is a territorial fight where evil enemies are moving into your territory and plotting to conquer. So don't let them target them. Try to keep your territory and kill these evil opponents. Let your army stand up high towers and perform shooting them and destroy them with your weapons. If you shoot all of these opponents you will be able to unlock the next level and buy new weapons. Interesting, right?

But your opponents appear a lot and their numbers are very large. So its attack power is a challenge for you. Try to focus on the game and use your wits on this game for a victory. Keep our territory safe, so as not to be invaded by any other force. Use a most powerful army to confidently start on this fierce battle. You will then end the game. Use your army wisely and focus on different distances to destroy all enemies.

Do not miss any enemies and do not let them near your base. All the interesting things are only in the game Kingdom Defense at You should not keep the game to yourself. Share it with your friends. Together with your friends join now on the game so that together they can kill all the army of the enemy. Explore more in a few challenges of the game Fruit Blade and Archery With Buddies

Instruction to play:

Use mouse already able to use shooting weapon.