Magic Piano

Move your flexible fingers and hit all the notes in Magic Piano - a new game for the music lovers in! Quickly tap the black tiles as you rock out to the music

Magic Piano TILES is a really challenging, yet insanely fun and addicting reaction game. In this hitting game, your ultimate goal is to play the piano for as long as you can and produce the most beautiful melodies.

For that, you will have to press on every black note before it scrolls to the bottom of the screen. By hitting on the black notes, you will be creating a melody just like the one created from a piano. If you miss even one, you will automatically lose this abcya game. This means that you need to be very careful with your movement. Moreover, let's think fast and act like a professional pianist.

There will be many different songs on different levels. The difficulty increases significantly through the levels, so you need to try hard in order to accomplish the higher ones. We hope that you can try to set unbeatable high scores in every melody. Since the scores will be used for the ranking system later, if you have the top scores, your name will be written on the Board! How cool is that? Show us your ability to move with the rhythm in this fun abcya abcya game!

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Instruction to play:

Click on the notes with your mouse.