Math Magic Battle

You have participated in many battles and you can hardly ignore Math Magic Battle at This is an educational math game that encourages people to think fast to solve math problems. Choose your favorite calculation or all 4 calculations and the right game scene to start the fight. With four main math operations, stay focused and have fun in this game, as fast as you can when choosing the correct answer. For each correct answer, the player scores 3 points and kills the monster with the weapon you have deciphered.

Do not let monsters approach you without finding the correct answer. If you think too long or answer incorrectly, the monsters will destroy you. Therefore, calculate the most accurate and fastest before you give the final answer. Play with your friends or beat your record. It's very beautiful and colorful pixel-art graphics. Good luck and enjoy. Many players do not like simple math games. However, with this great graphics and fighting game content, you will feel like you are decoding and finding weapons to fight against the monsters in the city. Become the best math hero today. You'll be proud of your math skills and learn math at its best.

Score the highest score through the games and master the 4 calculations of the game. Share with anyone if you find this game extremely useful and interesting. ABCya online not only introduces new games but also offers various lessons for players. These meaningful things have attracted any player to join our updated online game. Expand your list of favorite games with games similar to Which Insect Looks Different and Square

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to choose the correct answer after you have calculated.