Which Insect Looks Different

Which Insect Looks Different game is a fun-looking game. Distinguish the different insects from the rest of the 4 pictures and enjoy this winning moment at the ABCya game. This is a different puzzle game. In this game, four pictures of insects are given. Three of them look the same but one is different. Observe the details on the insect's face or body and wings to conclude. For each correct answer, the player will score 1000 points. You will be deducted 300 points if you answer incorrectly in each choice.

Don't let all the points be deducted if you want to participate in all 40 levels. Use your keen skills to find out which insects look different. Each challenge has a difficulty that you have to train your observation ability to perfect. This new game at https://abcya.games/ attracts many players to participate. Try to fight and win our latest game and not be bothered by ads or game loading speed. Share your tips for playing online and relax after a stressful working hour. Funny insects will attract any player.

Finding the difference between insects has never been so easy. Complete the journey you have searched for and chosen today. Share how to play with other players, so they also win this special game. The difference is expressed from the face to the body or wings of the insect. Take turns observing and make your final choice. The list of online games with similar games is updated during your journey with many similar games Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected and Aqua Blocks

Instruction to play:

Left click or tap directly on the screen. picture when you have selected the most distinctive picture