Players will suffocate with the exciting content that the Square game brings to this world. Let's create the best way to play to score high. Each game at https://abcya.games/ is carefully selected for players to relax after every hour of study. Spend your free time playing a jigsaw puzzle with balls and squares. The ball is inside the square and only the bottom side of the square is open. When the ball hits the bottom of the square, you need to close that side. Do not let the ball be destroyed if the bottom of the square is not closed.

Change that line from black to red as the ball approaches to score. So tap the screen every time the ball is on the bottom area of ​​the square. Try to keep the ball inside the square. This task seems simple, but it is extremely difficult. You cannot press earlier or later. Therefore, time yourself to pass each challenge and score points. What is the record score you have created while participating in the rewarding journey? Many players have chosen the ABCya game world to relax in their spare time.

We always update the latest games and make it possible for players all over the world to participate and win. Therefore, players will not be disappointed with every game we recommend. Choose your favorite theme and become the best player today. We have made it possible for many players to join the new journey. Share the website with your friends, so they can also choose new games to join and conquer at any time. Some interesting games that we recommend to players are Aqua Blocks and Which Insect Looks Different

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to click on the screen shape and create the bottom of the square before the ball hits it