MathPup Story

It's hard to move to the position of the last bone if you join Mathpup Story. Therefore, players can refer to the gameplay of previous players at the ABCya game. Push and pull the boxes to use them to move to new locations. Help the dog collect rewards and bones. Pay attention to suggested moves to avoid falling out of the boxes. Find the newest way to make your way and collect lots of rewards to boost your score. 

Many players love our online gaming world and don't want to miss out on their spare time. If you love this exploration, please share how to play and overcome all challenges without being bothered by ads or game loading speed. Some hints will appear in a horizontal or vertical line of the distance traveled. You need to calculate properly to complete this new journey without spending much time exploring. New avenues are constantly popping up to help our dog find food for his dinner. Beat the 50 hardest levels of this game, and our dog will be happier than ever. 

Our list of new online games is updated at Unlock and complete the missions after you have won our game world. You will have the opportunity to share this game with other friends. Complete whatever journey you want if you're ready. Gaming tips come in handy for any player. Share your play or participate to see who wins with the highest score. Complete the game after you collect the last bone. We suggest many new games for players similar to this game like Shot Gems

Instruction to play:

Use arrow keys and WASD to move the dog and blocks support square