Paint The Rings

You start using the paintball gun to complete the circles in front of you before starting your journey in the Paint The Rings game at This is a special and easy game for any player. You do not need to think but just observe the movement of the circle and shoot paint guns into new positions that do not have color to win the level. If you shoot at a previously painted paint, this game will end immediately.

Watch the speed of your rings to adjust the way you shoot. We are constantly updating new games with many levels similar to this paint gun shooting game for online game players around the world to choose and explore after every working hour or stressful study. If the circles rotate too fast, you can shoot consecutive color points close to each other before ending this game with the highest score. Numerous challenges are available to you today. Don't miss this new journey at ABCya new game. Your game list is more special than ever. Share with other players if you love our special game space today. Gaming tips that will help you in the game.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to paint