Pick A Lock

There are very special keys and you have the duty to open them when participating in the levels of Pick A Lock game at http://abcya.games/. With each turn, you will move and stop re-position the circle exactly 2 times. The slider will move very quickly and you need to use your defining skills to stop the slider in the final position. Agile skills will help you in this game. You can control the slider after being familiar with the game. The lock will be opened as soon as you complete the mission of each level in this game.

Players join the game without being bothered. Spend your free time to open the latest games and relax after every hour of work or study. New journeys that players cannot miss to participate at ABCya 4 for school. You become a locksmith especially when you can open all the easy locks come hard. Follow the instructions of the game or join the first level to draw your ultimate experience. We suggest players all over the world join new games in their free time and share with their friends if they are also interested in joining new games.

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Instruction to play:

Left-click to stop the slider in place of the small circle and open your key