Pigeon Game

Pigeon Game is a fun action and power-up game in which you must control a pigeon who is extremely hungry. Therefore, your task is to help the pigeon pluck all the delicious food which is placed on a board. This Abcya game uses a single button mechanism and it is inspired by the popular Knife Throw, so lots of players have enjoyed the game in http://abcya.games.

Your pigeon is rotating continuously in order to look for the food on the target board. But the difficult part is that the food rotates also, which means that you must time your click extremely carefully to pluck the food successfully. On the board, there will be both the good food and the strange type, that's why you need to keep an eye on the bad ones. Be sure to only pluck the correct food and avoid plucking any incorrect items otherwise, the game is over and you will lose all the scores that you gained.

You can choose many buyable power-ups and birds from the store with your money after each level. Another tip is that you should look out for power-ups since these can help you pluck the food quicker and progress faster. How many stages you can complete in this fun arcade game? Come to Abcya games for kids to play the most interesting and skill-challenging arcade game featuring a cute pigeon now! We have so many more games like How to raise a dragon and Block Shooter for you.

Instruction to play:

Left click to pluck.