Block Shooter

The shooting games are getting more and more simple since the players tend to enjoy the bright and clear gameplay rather than the complexity of the old games. The idea has inspired Abcya 4 online to add a new game to the collection: Block Shooter. This is an airplane shooting game which takes place in space and it includes many spacious creatures and challenges.

It's your chance to float through space without gravity pulling you down! Each player will be equipped with their individual spacecraft. It's your tool to complete the tough missions in In order to keep the spacecraft floating, you need to control it and use the aircraft gun to shoot the blocks. On each block, there is a certain number which shows the number of shots it takes to eliminate that one.

Another crucial point for the new players is that you should avoid making contact with the blocks, or else you will lose. If you can't shoot down all the blocks, simply fly around it to avoid a collision. A tip for you is that you should choose to shoot the block with the smallest number. The more blocks you shoot, the higher your ship can fly! Abcya abcya gives you a chance to enjoy the best-animated game with exceptional graphics and cute characters.

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Instruction to play:

Move your ship by dragging your left mouse.