Russian Extreme Offroad

In most racing games, the players have to race against each other on the fixed road. What if you like to discover more? Abcya 5 free has a new game called Russian Extreme Off-road which will bring the unique concept to the free-spirited drivers! All that you have to do is to choose your car, your game mode and get into gear to drive!

The best part of this game is that you can drive off-road and choose to discover any part of the map. Since the graphics and the layout are in 3D, you can keep on driving and discovering without worrying about the dead-ends. First, you need to choose among many modes such as Freeride or Beginners and many more. Then, hop in your vehicle and show your skills by driving off the streets and onto several challenging courses.

However, in, you need to play with your utmost attention since only one wrong turn can result in your failure. The players also learn how to swerve in and out of traffic cones and avoid the bumps on the road. However, if you hit anything but the finish line, the game is over.

Therefore, buckle up and get ready for a heavy dose of off-road challenges! Whether it's great mountain views, terrible mud roads, or bumpy roads a, you should take the challenges with your best attitude! Abcya online is looking for the talented drivers in more games like Car Inspector Truck and Parking Smarty

Instruction to play:

Control the car with arrow keys.