Plated Glory

Plated Glory

Date added: 30/03/2018

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In the multiplayer abcya online game Plated Glory we will take part in tank fights that will take place at various points of our globe. At the beginning of the game you will be given a tank with a standard set of weapons. Your task is slowly gaining speed to meet enemies. Try to find the enemy first. As soon as you see him you point your gun at him and aim through the sight. When ready, open fire and burn the enemy tank. For you, too, will shoot. Therefore, try to move on your tank, that would make it difficult to hit you.

Plated Glory is an epic multiplayer game in which you take part in superb tank battles across a range of different landscapes. There is no teamwork in this abcya free game - you must fight against anyone and everyone and look out for your own tank. Choose from a range of unique tanks - each tank has a different set of statistics and weapons so choose one to your liking!

You can also customize the color of your tank to make it stand out on the battlefield. Use the A and D keys to move your tank, and use the left click button to shoot your tanks weapon! The gameplay is intense and you must move fast and aim carefully to destroy your enemies. Can you conquer plated glory and prove your skill as a tank commander?


  • A wide variety of tank models that you can use and customize
  • Each tank has detailed attributes
  • You can practice with bots and play with other players worldwide
  • Many attacking options that you can use in the battle

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Game controls:

  • AD to move
  • Move your mouse to aim
  • Left click to shoot and change weapon
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