Miner Mania

You will become a miner and exploit all the gems in the game Miner Mania at http://abcya.games/. We update this game for players worldwide with age and different hobbies. You won't be bothered by ads or game loading speeds when joining this special game. With different levels, you will discover new mines and complete your plan with the most earned gold. Move continuously and expand your mines until you reach a certain location and complete each level. With the next level, your mission will become more difficult and you need to start your new journey with your abilities. This special game is loved by many players worldwide.

You will explore the latest mines and know how to move in each of the different mines to earn more gold and other rare metals with the highest score. ABCya for free help players chooses their favorite games according to different topics in the list of games they have previously saved. You will discover a new world of interesting and special things that games have brought.

Also, don't forget to share the latest games with your friends if they haven't been able to update their own games. They will be happy to explore that world and relax after every hour of studying or working hard. Play as a miner and discover the hardships they need to overcome to achieve the highest score. We help players to join the latest games similar to this game like Jewel Match and Super Stacker 3. You will complete challenges in each mine site with the gaming tips you have saved.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button and click on the positions where you want the miner to move to earn rare metals