Rainbow Friends Jetpack

Rainbow Friends Jetpack has a simple participation principle that any player has the opportunity to participate to win every turn. Collect different weapons to fight mysterious monsters. ABCya Fight Games has many journeys for you. Improve your fighting skills and defeat monsters. Here you will find many unique and interesting levels with monsters and traps. Make coins, upgrade your weapons, and rainbow friends. Defeat the monsters one by one.

Collect lucky blocks and secret boxes, unlock new characters, and earn prizes. Collect secret boxes and avoid obstacles in this journey. Our game attracts curious players with new ways of playing. Completing the online game world with a special favorite theme through all parts we have today. After unlocking the options, you can share many new online opportunities. Start with the game versions we have today. With special options, players easily show new online skills. Participate in the journey to discover challenges and give different moves.

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Instruction to play:

Controls Game: left click to move through different positions and collect special gift boxes