Super Portal Maze 3d

The appearance of 2 mazes in the game Super Portal Maze 3d opens up many challenges for you at the ABCya game. This free game has rich content with different levels. You will have to think about how to move the most suitable maze. Choose the best one and win this new game. Will your friends find a way through the mazes?

There are 2 roads blue and green. To help the stickman out of the block maze, this game needs you to find the correct portal for him in each level. Make the right decisions through the levels you love. Do not move into the position of the spikes. Win and unlock many challenges in our online game. Either path leads to the final flag. You have enough time to observe and decide. I hope you can complete all ten of these levels and have fun. Explore all maze games at

Share with your friends their favorite games. So they can play in their spare time. You have the opportunity to participate in new game themes when you save them to your favorite online game list. Complete each challenge and score the highest score. What gaming tips did you use to win our games? Complete different moves to win and conquer difficult challenges.

The game suggests to players how to participate and win any difficulty. Choose the color of the maze that you can move and reach the finish line safely. Explore all the great game spaces when you're ready. Multiplayer enjoys a special journey of colorful mazes. Unlock our new games in your spare time. That's the game world of the game like Vikings Royal Battle and Battle Build 2

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Left-click on the maze you want to move