Rings Challenge

The Rings Challenge at http://abcya.games/ leads players to the four famous sports stadiums. Choose your favorites from among the 4 available fields. Use the arrow keys or if from a mobile device, touch the ring exactly at the moment when the ball is passing. The golden ball will give you the power to automatically hit. How many points will you score? Please pass the highest score in previous rounds. Each player has different gameplay and movement tips for their special journey. Share the latest game space today.

We continuously enable online gamers around the world to explore new challenges. What space do you love so much on that journey? Please pass the quests that you set with the score. You never achieved this when participating in this online game of us. Share your favorite game with your friends if you find it interesting. ABCya game always selects new and useful games of different levels. There is an interesting game space for players in the spare time they have.

Don't hesitate to unlock the quests and become the best player today. Will you catch the balls? After the player captures 1 ball, the number of balls will increase by 2 and move extremely fast. Choose your strategy to achieve the most golden balls. This helps the balls pass through the basket automatically. Avoid skipping in this game if you want to win the last game. Some games similar to this game are played such as Bullet Rush and Fit And Squeeze

Instruction to play:

Press the up, left, or right arrow keys to correspond to the circle that the ball is about to move through