Sky Diving

If you love flying games at the same time moving the goods in the most quantity, you can join Sky Diving at First, learn how to move your plane to different locations and drop the cargo into the trucks below so that your cargo falls into the right box. If they fall out, you won't get points. Your score may increase gradually as your number of trucks on the truck increases. This unlimited game will definitely make you relax in your free time.

Pay attention to the obstacles that appear and hinder your path in the game. At the same time, the trucks will move very fast in this game. Therefore, you need to concentrate best to complete the tasks with the highest score. The more goods that are placed on trucks, the more your score will increase. Share with your friends if they are looking for their favorite game. Abcya 4 games online free help players play games without being bothered by ads or loading game speeds.

You can easily find your favorite game by simply searching or saving to your game list to join later. These are games that fit your interests and age. We will help you explore different worlds as quickly as possible today. Also, do not miss the opportunity to explore interesting games similar to this cargo transport game like Pixel Escape and Rise Up Up. New worlds are opened and shown in your discovery ability now. Surely you will love this game.

Instruction to play:

Left click on an airplane if you want to drop cargo on a truck, hold down and drag left or right if you want to move the plane to a new area