Super World Adventure

If you love adventure journeys, do not miss the exciting game called Super World Adventure at ABCya 5. This game is up to date and gets hot in time. This is because of the interesting content that it brings to the player. We have brought players to the world of new journeys where you can hardly anticipate the content without joining and finding tips to win all levels of the game. This exciting journey brings players to the challenges that players have to confront various obstacles and opponents.

Your main task is to move skillfully and avoid all opponents. Then you need to collect all the gold and gifts that appear on the way to serve the next journey. Maybe this is a very complex world and you know it when you explore this game at Each level leads you to a different world. You can learn the game tips to unlock them. Remember that you only have 3 lives.

Limit collisions with enemies so you have the opportunity to complete the quest with the most gold in the game. If you collide with an enemy, you lose a life or the game will end when you lose your life. We also update the latest games for players to participate in the same free time with the special journey in this game. You can join these games in your spare time to relax such as Splitty 2 and Elona Shooter. Each game takes you to a different lesson or simply you need to Relax in your spare time.

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to move or jump and collect gold coins in the game. Keep away from your competitors