Paper Flick

It's funny when you want to throw leftover scrolls in the trash while joining Paper Flick. This online game is for online gamers around the world to their favorites at Observe the fan's direction of rotation to adjust your paper throw direction. The fan causes the paper to fly to locations other than the trash can. Will this difficult game make you lose? Do not give up.

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With each level, players have different moves to throw the paper most accurately. Play games any time you want without being disturbed by our website. The best players have perfected the gameplay they use to get into the planet's toughest games. Be the collectivist of your gaming skills and tips to join your game perfectly now. There are loads of new options available to players in games similar to this one like Swing Monkey and Stair Run. Discover and win every journey you have chosen.

Instruction to play:

 Use the left mouse button to throw the paper after choosing the correct throw direction