Orbit Hops

The Orbit Hops game online at http://abcya.games/ is created with a magnet in the middle. You will rotate around it and find a way to collect all the blue dots that appear on the screen. However, players should avoid black lines or obstacles that appear in the game. The move in this game is also very special when you are not too far away from the circle on the screen. If you are drifting away from the magnet, the game will end immediately.

Your score will be equivalent to the green dot that appears in the game. With this game, the player needs to move in order to collect the blue dots as fast as possible. ABCya 2 update the game with different content suitable for the object and interest of online game players from all over the world. You do not need to bother with gaming speed as well as being bothered by ads. New games will help you relax in your spare time.

You can share the game with your friends and save the latest gaming tips for the next player to explore this exciting world of gaming. See how high you can score when playing this special game. You totally can replay to get the highest score possible. Do you want to play this fun game? If you have not found your favorite game, look for other games like Arcade Darts and Fall Jump Roll.

We always help the player to play the game at the fastest speed without being bothered by ads or other factors.

Instruction to play:

Hold down the left mouse button and scroll left or right to move