Tap Tap Colors

Are you ready to join the new shooting version in Tap Tap Colors? Destroy walls to overcome them and score points as you join the game at https://abcya.games. Shoot low numbers for a chance to win.

When the numbers are destroyed, you can overcome the obstacle and complete this game with the highest score. Many players have won our online gaming world with different tips. This is an attractive shooting game with ways to play that you can use. Collect Power Ups like "3 Bullets", "Slow Speed" or "1 Score" to make your job easier. Move up or down and pass different positions to win all challenges. What is the highest score you have chosen to join the game? Unlock games similar to the skill you use. Every player is ready to join the game world we create in his spare time. Complete any challenge today. What awaits you to discover? Shoot bullets to destroy the wall in front. Do not move to position the numbers are too high. You will not be able to destroy them to create new paths. ABCya online shooting game is full of new games. Look for different ways of playing to become the best player.

Share this fun game with your friends if you're up for the challenge. Complete each mission through different levels anytime you want. Many players have chosen our website to play their favorite games without being bothered by ads. The free games all have interesting content with different versions. Unlock similar games to this game like Battle Within Coronavirus and Mr Smith

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the left mouse button to move up or down when you find the positions. mind of numbers