Run Into Death

First person shooting game is one of the most popular types of games nowadays. You can try out a new game which has recently been added to abcya's collection: Run Into Death. This is the purest form of a shooting game from the viewpoint of the first person.

Like any other shooting games, you are the main character in this nerve-wracking battle against the scary zombies. Unfortunately, you only have a certain number of bullets for every turn. Therefore, your task is to keep walking forward and try to shoot each and every undead using your precise shooting skill. When you progress further into this game at, more and more living dead will show up randomly in front of you.

In order to survive with such a limited number of bullets, it's very crucial that you have to aim as well as you can and blow their brains out. Your health will decrease if any of these zombies manage to get close to you or attack you. As the zombies will gather around you and form a huge horde of evil creatures, you need to be brave and keep fighting until the very last bullet.

After that, just run as far as you can! You will enjoy the game thanks to its special effect which makes the virtual game feel like a real one. There are more shooting games like Iphone X Decoration and Ski Slalom that are available for free as well. Come and play now!

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to aim, shoot and reload the gun.