Twenty48 Solitaire

2048 was one of the most famous games from abcya online 2018 thanks to its simple yet incredibly fun gameplay. Our creators decided to take the game to another level by merging the mechanics of 2048 and a classic game: Solitaire. This combination creates a dynamic card game that is much more challenging than the original game. It's not just a matter of swiping and merging the cards anymore.

In this game, you also need your intelligence to arrange the cards according to the rules of Solitaire as well. Your ultimate goal in this game remains unchanged, which is to create 2048 blocks using the available solitaires. The way to accomplish this task is to earn points by merging the cards with the same number. However, if your entire board fills up, the game is over. A tip for the new players to keep the board from filling up is to always put the same number together, or to put the cards aside if you are unable to match it immediately. Moreover, players should avoid putting the high numbers on top of the lower-numbered cards since this can cause clog the flow of cards on your board.

After level 3, you won’t gain any new cards, but you will unlock the multipliers of the cards. This game is unique, fun to play and is one of the best puzzle games nowadays. Don't miss out on the chance to play the other puzzle games at such as The Visitor Returns and Checkers Game

Instruction to play:

Choose the cards with your left mouse.