Captain Gold

Learn skills to collect gold and gems to become the leader of the Captain Gold online game version. When you visit the website ABCya online, you have the opportunity to participate and overcome all challenges without spending much time searching or exploring. Enjoy any journey in the world of favorite games we present to online players. With this game theme, you can participate in and complete all missions. The captain is somewhere far from the city and is busy extracting gold, diamonds, rubies, and other useful resources from the mines. He has to smash the stones, gold, and diamonds with a hammer, collect and bring them to his place in his cart.

Throw hammers at the gems and mine them according to each mission of the game. Did you collect the exact amount today? You will have three chances in each mine in the form of a 'hammer' to break rocks. If you cannot break all the stones in three turns, you lose the game. Simple game for players all over the world. Share your gameplay with friends to discover and perfect your journey during this special adventure. You will get 1 point for collecting normal stones, 2 points for gold, and 3 points for diamonds.

Observe the location of the gems to make the correct move decision with each journey that you can participate in this game. ABCya action games. is an exciting game world for any player to join. If you have found a new game theme, unlock and pass to become a good player. Relax with your favorite online games today. We suggest players expand the world of their favorite game by completing quests. You become the king of gems in many games similar to Money Movers 3 and Money Movers Maker

Instruction to play: Left click to move the hammer