Money Movers 3

Locate the thief, collect the money bags, and secure the vault of Money Movers 3. Have a good time at ABCya online games. You play as the guard and his loyal dog companion. Catch the thieves inside the prison and switch between the two characters. Players easily use assistive devices to assist in the movement. The dog will scare the thief and the guard can arrest the thief. Don't forget to collect all 3 envelopes. After completing the game, you will continue with more difficult tasks throughout the journey.

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Overcome the obstacles and find the thief's location to win the game. Press the buttons to use the elevator or open the doors and assist your dog to the new location. We help players join all online games at ABCya action games. You will love the challenging journey and want to choose any journey to expand the game world. With difficult journeys, players have the opportunity to use online gaming tips. Don't hesitate with new ways to play. Perfect the world of online gaming and become a good player at any time. Players can easily join new games with simple searching and playing skills. Relax with our online games and finish in no time. Save your game list as Money Movers Maker and Money Movers 2.

Instruction to play: Press arrow keys to move the dog, WASD to move with the guardian