Color Road

You act as a rolling ball and you will move on the road with obstacles that are balls of different colors. Color Road at has brought great moments of relaxation to players from all over the world. The obstacles, in turn, appear as balls of different colors stand in line in front of you. You need to redirect to collide with balls of the same color as quickly as possible.

If you collide with other colored balls, the game will end immediately. In addition, some obstacles also make you difficult, such as accelerated edges or constantly moving obstacles. Therefore, you need to focus on your path and take precautions with the obstacles that appear in this game. We allow players to participate in the game without being bothered by the ad or load speed of the game.

You do not hesitate anymore to join this game at Abcya games for free. Each level will lead you to a different world of fun games that you can hardly give up. Look at the farthest distance you can move in this game. Do not forget your mainstream color and mix with other color balls. Movement speed will increase gradually, so you need to be careful in the movement of the game. We bring the latest similar games to players around the world such as Hit The Glow and Flip The Bottle. Explore your wonderful world through the game Special this and unlock the hardest level you have selected in your favorite game list.

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to move left or right or A and D to move the ball on the road without colliding with the other colored balls.