Hit The Glow

The circle will spin continuously in the game Hit The Glow at http://abcya.games/ and the player's task is to shoot the balls into that circle with a red glow and hit the center of the circle. If you shoot at the blue glow, the game will end. To determine the right color of the mind to accomplish your task in each level and each mode such as classic, eliminate, expand or origin. If you have identified your challenges, you can achieve the game with the highest score possible.

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You will not be bothered by the ads or the load speed of the game. Make the correct glowing moves for the most accurate shot. This is one of the skills you can achieve when you join this game on our website. Also, be ready for your other challenges by skipping all the fun part. We also bring the latest games to players participating in free time like Wire Hoop and Arcade Darts. Each game opens up a world of their own suits and preferences the age of each player. Choose the theme that interests you the most and discover today.

Instruction to play:

Use left mouse to shoot when you have determined the most accurate glow break position