Masked Forces Unlimited

We need an elite soldier to join the team in Masked Forces Unlimited online game at ABCya kendergarten. Since the shooting site is very dangerous and full of enemies, this member must be someone who can withstand the pressure and move fast to escape. Show off your flexible moves and upgrade the weapons to get the highest versions and the maximum shooting force. Not only will you be able to experience a realistic set, but you will also play the game in 3D graphics.

First, the players need to select the map to confirm the route. Then, it's time to grab your weapon and join your team in the battle. You will have to shoot down any enemies who are lurking in this abandoned area. They appear randomly and they are also very good at hiding. Therefore, you need to do your best in order to stay alive for a long time. A tip for the new player is that you should take advantage of the objects and the buildings and hide. When the coast is clear, continue to carry on the mission.

Moreover, pay attention to the boxes and the weapons which are scattered around on the ground. Since it's a shooting game, the speed of the game will be fast and there will be tension during the match. Only the fastest and bravest players can survive this game! Challenge yourself with more choices such as Slime Hunter and Hangman at

Instruction to play:

Move with W, A, S, D and shoot with your mouse.