Counter Terrorist Strike

Are you nervous before the terrorists are attacking you? Find the best way to destroy them and get the highest scores in the Counter Terrorist Strike game at The different missions are given in each level and you will have to fight to finish them. A terrorist army is flooding everywhere and you will use your shooting skills to destroy them. Make the message accurately and move skillfully in this game.

If you are shot dead, the game will end immediately. So do not forget the short shot exactly in your play. Each shooting game has a different way in which players need to find shooting tips to destroy the most enemies. This is also one of the challenges that you need to overcome. ABCya 5 complete the system with the latest games that are updated daily and the amazing load speed that players can discover their favorite games anytime when they have free time. Shooting games bring you to the violent world but with careful preparation, you can completely win and achieve the highest achievement in your game. Save the fighting lessons that you need to keep in mind when joining this game.

Later you can upgrade your gun so that it can work the best way and you can kill the enemy quickly before you get shot. Share with your friends to join the fighting army and achieve the highest achievement when exploring other shooting games like Stick Tank Wars and Gta Grand Shift Auto. We always facilitate players to participate in online games without being bothered by ads. You can be ready to find your favorite game quickly today.

Instruction to play:

 Use the arrow keys to move, the mouse to shoot and the selection of different weapons