Stick Tank Wars

Weapon games are getting more and more exciting thanks to new features and cool characters. Enjoy the new generation of shooting games with multiple weapons in Stick Tank Wars now! This abcya 4 game is one of the most famous aiming and shooting games.

Players around the world have tried it out, why don't you take a shot? The game involves many stickmen and tanks with the graphics inspired by cartoons. In order to win all the levels, your task is to help a stick guy control a huge tank and shoot down all the enemies. For each level, your opponent will be placed in a different location, therefore, it's crucial that you put your precise aiming skills to use. Remember that you need to destroy the enemy tanks before they manage to defeat you. The intense war will start at immediately!

If you want to get the upper hand in this kind of battle game, you should be willing to take the first move. Moreover, pay extra attention to the scattered bonus boxes since you might be able to find more health and coins. Not only do you need a great reflex but you should also take advantage of a good tactic. How long will you be able to protect your tank? For more battle games with the stickmen, don't hesitate to try out some options such as Blocky Fantasy Battle Simulator and Dangerous Rescue

Instruction to play:

Shoot and choose the direction with the mouse.