Dangerous Rescue

If you have never driven a plane, follow the steps in Dangerous Rescue at http://abcya.games/ to save those who are no way out in the mountains. This game helps you learn about the flying skills and controls them most accurately. You can fly the plane to the location of people who need your help. Once you have saved one, you need to park the plane to the right starting position to complete the quest in each level.

If the plane crashed, hit the mountain or disappear on the screen, the game would end immediately. Therefore, you need to complete your mission by saving the people standing on the top of the mountain and overcoming all the obstacles like the houses or the mountains. It is very difficult to control the exact direction you want but this is one of the interesting points of the game so you can complete the task in the best way. ABCya 2 help players to play games at a fast speed and is not bothered by any elements. Players can choose from different themed games to save their favorite games and explore them in their spare time. See how many people you can save in this game by flying your plane.

Different challenges await you in this game. Therefore, do not miss any level to complete the missions and help the hard ones. We also update the latest games similar to this game for players to explore in their spare time such as The Plums and Blocky Fantasy Battle Simulator. Take time to play your favorite game and complete that exciting adventure today.

Instruction to play:

Left click to control the aircraft flying higher. Move the mouse left or right to move the plane in different directions