Emoji Mahjong

Emoji Mahjong: Enjoy our Mahjong Solitaire abcyagame with Emojis. Combine two of the same free Emojis. You also can combine a cat with any other cat or a monkey with any other monkey. A Mahjong Solitaire game.

You may have played many games about Mahjong. How about trying a Mahjong with Emoji style? Match two of the same Mahjong and remove them from the screen. You can only match free tiles. A free tile is not covered by other tiles, at least one side, left or right, is open. Cats can be matched with any other cats and monkey can be matched with any other monkeys. Have fun at http://abcya.games!

What happens when you combine cute emoji, mahjong and rainbow unicorns together?
An incredibly fun abcya online game which we hope you are about to try! :)

Enjoy a beautifully cute and relaxing mahjong game
Unlike other mahjong games, our standard and expert levels are designed in ways that guarantee they will always be solvable. Sit back, relax and clear the tiles without worrying you are heading into a trap and creating an unsolvable level. Hints are always available if you need a helping hand.

Rescue your own pet creature
A mean old bad guy has trapped Bordy. Rescue him from the cage and he will grant you special powers. Complete more levels and Bordy will grow even more powerful!

Collect and craft treasures
In every level, you will find one or more crafting component tiles. When you match these tiles you will collect the items. At the end of each level, you can open 1-3 to treasure chests to get even more materials. Combine the crafting items into a treasure which you can sell for 100,000s of gold coins! 

Download and keep the beautiful HD artwork!
Every level completed will reveal a new beautiful piece of artwork. If you like it you can save it to your photo roll, share with friends, use as a wallpaper, print it out, scare anti-unicorn monsters and probably lots of other fun uses we haven't thought of yet! :)

Quick and Fun Daily Tasks
Every day you get new tasks to complete. Normal stuff like unlocking levels, completing levels, finding amazing treasures, spinning prize wheels. Not only do you get to do all those fun things but when they are your tasks you get bonus coins! Also, every task you complete increases your task multiplier so you will get even more free coins on the next one!

Our Rainbow Unicorn Emoji Mahjong Game Features
- New easy to play mahjong mechanic and hint system
- 160 levels (80 normal and 80 expert)
- 80 beautiful pieces of artwork which can be downloaded
- Daily rewards
- Every level uses different tile sets
- Replay for high scores
- Earn coins and unlock more boards
- Become the mahjong master!
- Coin globes, which fill up with free coins!

No wifi or internet access needed to play
Enjoy our mahjong adventure everywhere you go without needing an internet connection. It is a free game that doesn't need wifi in order to play.

Our Hidden Mahjong game is a tile matching game where you match tiles that are similar and not trapped between other tiles to clear the board. Discover beautiful artwork throughout our mahjong game as you progress on this mahjong journey. Our tile matching apps are the perfect relaxing games for when you want to unwind after stressful days at work or at school. Play this mahjong solitaire game anytime and anywhere on your device to earn coins and unlock more boards and gorgeous HD backgrounds!

Your Journey Across the Map
Land 1 - Rainbow Unicorn Emoji
Begin your quest in the land of rainbow unicorns full of cute emoji on all the tiles!

Land 2 -Mystery of Zion
Levels 21-40 follow Zyra as she tries to unearth the truth about her parents' disappearance, and the great secret they uncovered buried deep in the past. Travel through top-secret research facilities to hidden cities lost to history. Will you be able to finally reveal the Mystery of Zion? Or will you be lost to history as well?

Land 3 - Rapunzel Twisted Fairytale
Levels 41-60 follow a twisted fairy tale adventure with Rapunzel. This isn't anything like the story you remember.

Land 4 - My Monster & Wizard Academy
Levels 61-80 Every kid needs a pet monster. See what these crazy monsters are up to... oh and then send the kids to wizards school. What could possibly go wrong!?

Land 5 - Coming Soon

New Feature

+20 new level images and a new land! Now with 240 beautiful images to unlock!

----Other Recent Updates----

New Dungeon Match-5 Dungeon levels, unlocked after you complete match 2, 3 and 4 dungeons!

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play the game.