By your own in the middle of the dreadful woods, all you have is your sword and dreams of glory. In this great multiplayer online game abcya you must craft different resources such as wood, stone and food, in order to build walls, helpful units and other structures that will help you survive and level up to become the mightiest player on the field. Try to establish your own camp and fight off strong wild animals and other players trying to attack you.

In, your aim is to build a strong base, attack rivals, and... lets say, emerge Glor.ious? Anyway, here are the controls: Move: WSAD, Camera: Mouse, Build item: 1-9, Attack/Pickup: Click. To get food, pickup eggs, kill animals and plant crop beds. Create helpful characters to aid you such as, guards, peasants, and mercenaries. Be wary of wolves and rival players. Build towers to farm gold and go up the leaderboard. Here's a final tip: If you find a pig with a saddle... GO GET IT!

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Enjoy Glorio at!


Instruction to play:

Interact with your character with the mouse.