Happy Glass

What will you do to help a happy glass in the Happy Glass online game at http://abcya.games/? Break the water at the right time to finish your special mission. It is difficult for you to align the amount of water with the cup in this game. However, go through different plays to find the best way to stop running water until the lower cup is filled with the correct water level. If the water flows out, you will have to join the game again from the beginning.

The different shapes of the cup will make you change your play continuously. If you don't have basic gaming tips, accumulate yourself right from the first level in this special game. The cup will be full of water and you can overcome all the most special challenges with your ability and gaming skills. ABCya new game online update the games with different versions for players to have the opportunity to choose and participate in their free time. Each game is subject and has a different way of playing to suit the age of the most players.

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Instruction to play:

Click and hold the left mouse button to let the water flow until you see enough water for the cup below and become happy, you can stop. However, do not pour too much water because you can make the cup overflow