Hop Ballz 3D

The quest to bounce on all notes with the right momentum here in Hop Ballz 3D is not easy to conquer, but we welcome all musical learners to join and have fun at ABCya games for free right now! It's your chance to shine and showcase your great music sensing skills. The goal is to control the magic ball in the tournament, master it to make it hop on the correct round dot and move the furthest that you can. It's very important that you aim correctly to keep the bouncing ball plummeting through the music tiles.

Do it while listening to the beat drops and you will feel the vibe and intention of this gaming selection as a musical-themed game. If you miss even one tile, the ball will be dropped off the edge and you will fall. The best listeners will be able to bounce the ball right off the center or the middle ring of the block and collect the most scores.

Here at http://abcya.games/, the game gets more elaborated as you can use the gained stars to unlock new ball skins in the shop. With the right updates, you won't be far from defeating all the previous records on the prestigious Leaderboard! More equally fun games with thrilling gameplay such as Flappy Superhero Dunk and Flappy Rocket are available in the free collection for kids, so take a look!

Instruction to play:

Drag the mouse to control the movement of the ball.