Hurdle Rush

Hurdle Rush is an online running game which is playable on abcya games online for free. Because it is an HTML game, it allows you to play on both browsers (safari, chrome) and smart devices (Window phones, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices). You are a competitor of the running contest which takes place in a large stadium. Everyone shouts and cheers you, try your best to become the champion in this important occasion.

You have 3 seconds to get ready for the competition. You are on a track which contains 3 lanes and you can change your lanes whenever you want to avoid the obstacles. Your obstacles are the dividers and the wooden boxes. As you see the wooden boxes, you must move to the next lane and when you meet the dividers, you just have to jump up higher to overcome them. Pay the highest attention to acting at the suitable time to protect yourself in abcya kid games.

An important part of your duty is to collect as many gold coins as possible to earn points. They are scattered on the road and you just need to touch them to pick them up. Besides, sometimes, you catch many useful objects. For example, the shield can protect you from hitting the impediments, the magnet helps you absorb all the coins around you, and the “X2” symbol can double your earned coins. However, they just affect in many seconds, so take advantage of them.

One more attractive feature is that the game has a collection of funny characters for you to try out but each of them costs 300 coins. Use your coins to purchase new character and continue racing. Attempt to become the champion of the running contest.

If you are keen on this type of game, please rate the game highly and tell me your score in the comment box. Don’t forget to share the game with your friends. Many similar games are waiting for you on like Magic Piano and Jump Boy Jump

Instruction to play: