Idle Merge City

Idle Merge City leads players through every online journey. You can enjoy this great game space with the land on which you build buildings. Enjoy the free time you have at Create your city by buying land, building houses, and exchanging the money they generate, merging houses to create new ones. When you have two identical houses, drag one and drop it on the other to merge them.

Become the boss of new plots of land with an increasing number of houses. You have a city to build and complete all the missions of the game. Share online tips with new players if you love the space we recommend. Who will be a good player today? Explore this fun-themed game journey that players love. Collect similar houses and unlock new ones through the journey we choose for players. Do you love your free time with the game themes we have today? Learn how to build a new home and unlock a journey you've never seen before in any other game. We help players enjoy exciting online gaming moments. Discover and share new ways to play today.

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Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the left mouse to move the houses