Mr. Cop Master

Crime is appearing everywhere and the mission of Mr. Cop Master is to destroy them with the most accurate shots. ABCya 3 updated this new game on the list of shooting games. Players are ready to pass the levels and help our hero destroy all of the most dangerous criminals. Use the ammunition you are equipped with and support tools to destroy criminals with the most accurate shots. You have joined this game and completed all challenges without being bothered by ads or game loading speed.

Share your gameplay now and win this latest game. When unlocking the levels in this game at, players enjoy the feeling of becoming a good gunman and find a way to shoot to destroy the enemy with limited ammo and reach Get 3 stars in every challenging journey. What is the best challenge you can overcome in this game? Select a list of new games and win without being bothered by the speed of game load now. Share your tips for playing online today. Many players have tried to complete the challenges and win their online game list.

If you miss, try in the next turn. Join the game again many times to pass with 3 stars on each level. You can also miss if you have not identified the target in each level. Therefore, take your best observations before making your choices when joining this new journey. Some other shooting games are also updated for you in a new journey that you can hardly miss such as Sword Throw and Ninja Jump Mini Game. Unlock levels now.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to fire the gun when you have pinpointed the bullet's path