Naughty Elsa's Children's Day

Despite it being Children's Day, Elsa had to take care of her little sister and look after her while their mom goes out. During this special, she prefers to have fun and play some games online abcya2 instead of being responsible for this boring task. Don't worry as you will become her secret friend and join her in some fun activities!

You will notice that there is a countdown clock on the top of the game screen. When the time runs out, mom will return home. Therefore, your ultimate goal in this abcya game is to entertain Elsa within the limited time range. Make sure that Elsa gets to play each and every game before her mom gets home. You and Elsa will get to secretly eat the delicious cookies, play puzzles with many beautiful pictures and building blocks. First, you will join Elsa to put the pieces of a puzzle into their correct position and enjoy the beautiful pictures.

Then, you can allow Elsa to take a nap and dream of nice things. Since she has you to watch her back, she can freely spread her imagination in her sweet dream. After she wakes up, give her some cookies as snacks! Take the time to chew up all the delicious chocolate chip cookies!

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Instruction to play:

Choose and interact with your left mouse.