Pongis Run

When you start Pongis Run at http://abcya.games/, you will have to move and collect food as quickly as possible before your opponents can collect. If you lose too many times, the game will end. Therefore, rotate the direction and move to move quickly to the position of the food before it gets smaller. If you collect food particles when it is big, you will get 5 points.

And the score will decrease gradually depending on your travel time. Do not let your opponent complete this game before you. Discover the game world in the most unique way until you complete all the challenges without being bothered by ads or loading game speeds. Other players also love this game and want to share with you when you join. Try to top the list of the best players with the number of points you have joined today.

Your opponent will move very quickly. Therefore, move the most skillfully at ABCya run online game. The list of the latest constantly updated games is similar to this topic. Players only need to select and update in the list of favorite games to join if you have free time. Numerous online players around the world have discovered the world running this and collect gaming tips.

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Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to rotate the direction and move towards the food that appears